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Squash Test Factory (aka Squash TF) is a set of components whose purpose is to help implement and run the automated tests of your projects.

More precisely, our goal is :

  • to be able to run your tests whatever the technology you used to implement them
  • to facilitate the run of your tests on multiple environments
  • to offer a solution which allows the use of multiple test stacks in one test
  • to bring tools easy to integrate in CI/CD pipelines

Squash TF in the automated testing life cycle

A typical cycle to create an automated test has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Specify the test to achieve
  • Phase 2: Implement the automated test based on the description done in Phase 1
  • Phase 3: Run the test implemented in phase 2

Let’s see how Squash TF can help you in each of these phases.

The specification phase

Sorry ! Squash TF is not intended to offer help during this phase. However, its brother project Squash Test Management (aka Squash TM) can.

In addition, it is possible to establish a bridge between Squash TF and Squash TM for the run phase.

The implementation Phase

When it’s time to implement your automation tests described in phase 1, you have a wide range of tools at your disposal.

Factors that will influence your choice are :

  • Your automation test’s nature (GUI test, REST API test, etc)
  • Your preferred implementation language (Java, C#, python, etc)
  • Your preferred scripting technique (linear, keyword-driven, etc)

For now, Squash TF is able to run, during phase 3, automation test implemented with the following tools/framework :

The run phase

The Run phase is supported by Squash Execution Server which will execute your tests on distributed environments and report their status to Squash TM.

It is assisted by runners to execute automated tests designed with the frameworks previously listed.

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